Things To Know Before You Buy Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has been around since 2009. It’s a digital currency that can be used in transactions, just like any other form of money. However, unlike the dollar or euro, it is not backed by any country’s central bank and no one controls this cryptocurrency. With bitcoin being so new, there are still some questions about how to buy it and how to use it securely – which is why we have put together this article with 10 things you need to know before buying bitcoin!

This article will explain what bitcoin is and why you should consider buying it. It explains the blockchain technology behind bitcoin, how to safely store your bitcoins, where can you buy them from and also advises on using a digital wallet for maximum safety. The last section of this article provides a list of useful resources with further information so that once you have read it, you will be well prepared to find out more.

What is Bitcoin?

The first thing you need to know before buying bitcoin is what it actually is. Bitcoin is a digital currency that only exists online. People use it to buy things, just like they would with regular money. However, unlike regular money, Bitcoin is not backed by any central bank. It was created in 2009 by an anonymous person or group of people who go by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. In fact, no one controls or regulates bitcoin – it purely exists through the blockchain technology that powers it. This may sound scary at first but don’t worry – we’ll explain more about this later!

How Do You Buy Bitcoin?

The first thing you need to do before buying any form of cryptocurrency like bitcoin is set up a wallet where you can safely store them once bought. Wallets come in different forms, with software wallets being the most common, but there are also hardware and paper wallets. 

Where Can You Buy Bitcoin?

There are several ways to purchase bitcoins. You can buy them online from an exchange or from other people through a marketplace called Local Bitcoins. However, most experts agree that the safest way to store cryptocurrencies is by using an offline wallet, as mentioned above. So buying bitcoins on an exchange isn’t always recommended!

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Bitcoin works through blockchain technology. The information is sent between many people rather than one person. It is a payment network.  It’s similar in some ways to peer-to-peer (PtP) networks. This is similar to networks like BitTorrent, which lets you share files with each other without needing someone in between.  If you’re not familiar with this concept then think of blockchain as an advanced ledger that keeps track of all transactions made on the network (i.e., buying and selling bitcoin). 

The unique thing about it though is that no one person controls how it works – instead, everyone taking part helps run it. This means there’s no need for anyone to be in charge or send out information individually; everything happens at once across the whole group! 

Using blockchain technology might sound simple but don’t underestimate what a breakthrough this could prove to be. Cryptocurrencies can transfer money securely through peer-to-peer transactions without needing middlemen like banks to act as gatekeepers.

Is Bitcoin a good investment alternative?

Bitcoin is an innovative new currency that has been making waves in the finance world. It’s also gaining popularity as a form of investing, but before you dive into this emerging market with both feet there are some things worth considering.

  1. Bitcoins Are Decentralized

Bitcoin is unlike any other form of currency as it’s decentralized. This means that there isn’t a single entity controlling Bitcoin and you’re solely responsible for its safekeeping, which makes fraud more difficult to report than with traditional funds or assets like stocks in an IPO (initial public offering.

  1. Wallet Security

Bitcoin is the future of money! With Bitcoin, you can store your funds in a safe place and not worry about inflation or hackers stealing them. But keep in mind that not all wallets are secure – so make sure to perform frequent backups for safety’s sake; also remember passwords wisely because if they get exposed then there would be nothing left but despair (and taxes)!

  1. Price Volatility

Bitcoin has always been a highly volatile investment. But it’s not just the price that changes – you could see your fortune change dramatically in few hours!

The limited supply of Bitcoin makes its value sensitive to any fluctuations within demand, which can lead prices to swing up or down hundreds-of1000 dollars a day depending on what happens with global economic activity over the closing period. 

  1. High Demand 

There are only a limited number of Bitcoins in circulation, and after 2040 there will be no more. If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio, then Bitcoin might be for you. After all there’s no telling when or where the next big run will come from! Getting on the ground floor early can give you great benefits! 

Future generations might see Bitcoin as an important part of history, much like gold is today. It’s possible that governments will begin buying up Bitcoins to hold on their behalf just like they do with physical bars or coins. 

Today though things are still too early for anyone especially those within the financial industry can really say what impact this would have long term but one thing seems certain: if more people start using bitcoins then demand will increase which could make prices go even higher than before!

  1. Your Goals

The most important thing to have as a trader is your plan. It’s not about what you want but how doable it will be for yourself and if the goals are achievable or not?

A good example would be when I first started trading, my goal was very ambitious because all of these new terms were coming up with forex traders which meant that there wasn’t much information out on Google searching them so once again this made things seem too hard before even starting-but through studyin gand trying different strategies over time -we found something workable in order make progress towards achieving those.

  1. Style of trading

There are many different ways to trade bitcoins, and not everyone will have the same style. Choosing a trading strategy depends on how often you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency and for how long those trades should run in your favour if they go well then it’s possible that other traders may wish take advantage by entering into short positions against them at prices below what was expected before executing their own orders. 


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been steadily rising in value and popularity. Its unique nature means it can be difficult to understand, but with these tips, you’ll be on your way towards managing this new investment wisely!